@unmellow opened this Issue on February 7th 2020


when mod menu and wurst are installed the alt manager and
minecraft realms button overlap on the main menu(you can't click on both buttons)
and on the pause menu the wurst options button and,
the java feedback button overlap (you can click on both buttons)

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to 'main menu or in game pause menu'
  2. Click on 'nothing'
  3. Scroll down to 'nothing'
  4. See error

(Optional) screenshots / videos



Please complete the following information:

  • Minecraft version: [e.g. 1.15]
  • Wurst version: [e.g. 7.0pre26,7.0pre2.5]

Crash report


@unmellow commented on February 7th 2020

if possible can you move these menu's to a wurst config menu that i can get to in modmenu when it's installed?

@GiantNuker commented on February 8th 2020


@unmellow commented on February 8th 2020

i know lol guess he's not gonna help fix it

@Alexander01998 commented on February 15th 2020 Member

Fixed in 7a08d008c99a00c1c84272b293a4288c7e8a0ffe

@unmellow commented on February 17th 2020

thanks can confirm this is fixed for me

@RDKRACZ commented on May 16th 2021

Could you reopen this as it's broken again?

Please take a look at https://github.com/TerraformersMC/ModMenu/issues/256

@Franck-Nein commented on August 18th 2021

Until it gets fixed, you can manually move it using the FancyMenu mod, if you can't access the mods menu, create a button, set the action type to opengui and the Menu identifier to com.terraformersmc.modmenu.gui.ModsScreen
It's not perfect, butt it does the job.

@Alexander01998 commented on September 24th 2021 Member

Fixed again. Let's how long it takes them to break it this time... 🙃

This Issue was closed on September 24th 2021