@DamianMaz opened this Issue on September 26th 2021


All PlayerESP lines are the same color (only on Wurst for MC 1.17.x). The same problem is with MobESP.

2021-09-26_22 12 22
2021-09-26_22 25 49

@InfinitePower563 commented on September 27th 2021

Have you checked your settings?

@DamianMaz commented on September 27th 2021

I have restored default settings by deleting wurst directory and options.txt from .minecraft and nothing has changed.

@Alexander01998 commented on September 28th 2021 Member


2021-09-28_03 00 35

2021-09-28_03 20 54

Also, I couldn't reproduce this bug with MobESP. It seems to be working fine:
2021-09-28_03 22 13

@DamianMaz commented on September 28th 2021

That's great you fixed it. Thank you. Anyway, I checked MobESP again and actually there isn't any problem with it. Just when I reported the issue, I assumed it was also true for MobESP and when I checked it I did't look closely.

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