@TheAwesome98-Real opened this Issue on June 28th 2021


The Alt Manager button clips with the Mods button (provided by ModMenu) when it didn't used to

Steps To Reproduce

Please make a list of steps to reproduce the problem (ideally from a fresh Wurst installation):

  1. Install ModMenu
  2. Go to title screen
  3. Alt manager clips with mods, but it used to not

Screenshots / Videos (Optional)

The Wurst Alt Manager button clipping with the ModMenu Mods button

@Cyberspace999 commented on July 27th 2021

Just press tab to cycle through the buttons. it happens to me a lot

@TheAwesome98-Real commented on July 27th 2021

oh cool thanks, but not 100% a fix

@Franck-Nein commented on August 18th 2021

Until it gets fixed, you can manually move it using the FancyMenu mod.

@sudofox commented on September 9th 2021

ModMenu provides an option to replace the Realms button. If you're like me and have never touched Realms, this is the option for you until this gets fixed.