@Z2Up1UwcaYOyZq opened this Issue on June 25th 2021


A hack that allows for constant moving in one direction. Useful for long travels (if made to also work with flying hacks) and most importantly: could be easily chained with other hacks (automine, killaura, autofarm) to automate boring stuff

Screenshots / Videos (Optional)

You want a video of me holding W for 10 minutes?

@TheWienerMaster commented on June 25th 2021 Contributor

Dude, there literally is a hack called AutoWalk, which does exactly what you're requesting. How did you not manage to find it in the list if you're suggesting a hack with the exact same name. Generally curious :D

Or if you want to travel and automatically maneuver around obstacles you can use the .goto command

@Z2Up1UwcaYOyZq commented on July 2nd 2021

How did you not manage to find it

it was 4 am, I forgot. Let me now open a new issue where I explain my whole idea

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