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I wanted to improve step (packet), so it would work even when you are mid-air and colliding with a block.

Buuuut, I'm too much of a newbie when it comes to mixin and after two days of trial and error and probably over 100 failed attempts I kinda gave up.

After a little digging I figured that "bl4" was basically the factor that prevented step from working mid-air. And a simple fix would be to set it as true, but I have no idea how to edit it. I tried injecting, redirecting, modifyvariable but I always crashed when trying to open the game. Probably just made some kind of a stupid mistake each time I tried.

What needs to be done: boolean bl4 needs to return true
The mixin that needs to be edited: Entitymixin.jar
Mixin path: net.minecraft.entity.Entity
Line 836

target = "Lnet/minecraft/entity/Entity;onGround:Z"
method = {"adjustMovementForCollisions(Lnet/minecraft/util/math/Vec3d;)Lnet/minecraft/util/math/Vec3d;"}

P.s only about 70% sure that target and method are correct, so please check them

Library image for context:


@TheWienerMaster commented on June 22nd 2021 Contributor

Figured it out, #430

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