@bstar16 opened this Issue on June 16th 2021

Feature Request

Improved Flytra Fly - currently the elyfly is just a boost mode which is similar to using rockets but more controllable, although this is nice it would also be nice to have another mode that makes it fly flat and has changeable speed, this is useful for when you have to fly straight for a long period of time e.g. nether travel in tunnels built for travelling.

Anti Packet/Packet Canceller - self explanatory but cancels your chosen packets either client side/server side, this is useful for exploits and bypassing anticheat e.g. placing boats on land or using it for duping as there are dupe methods that require cancelling client sided packets

Improved Nametags - would be nice to add a scaling option and to be able to actually be able to see the nametags through walls, also add things like armour, what’s being held in hand/offhand and possibly ping

Improved search - make outlines thicker and customisable colour

KillAura - add an option to only be active when holding a sword and to filter tamed animals

Currently this all i can think of that needs to be added/improved but i may update this as i find more. The biggest priority out of this for me would probably be the elyfly improvement. If you need an example of anything showing what a feature/improvement is then feel free to ask

@bstar16 commented on October 8th 2021