@TheWienerMaster opened this Pull Request on June 9th 2021 Contributor

Fixes #413

Increases character length to 64 in all of the screens that require it.
Also during testing I discovered that the same bug as 79ff6d9 happened in EditItemListScreen so I added the same fix.

@TheWienerMaster commented on June 12th 2021 Contributor

After the master update, I had to merge and resolve the errors, because GL11 wasn't being used anymore.
All the files are now working with the new update.

Let me know if you'd like a cleaner version of this, because you can't really see my changes because of the merge

@TheWienerMaster commented on June 16th 2021 Contributor

Closing, because old and disgusting, will make a new one

This Pull Request was closed on June 16th 2021