@No-Eul opened this Issue on June 9th 2021

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Adding long id blocks (like "minecraft:polished_blackstone_pressure_plate") to x-ray block list not working.

Steps To Reproduce

Please make a list of steps to reproduce the problem (ideally from a fresh Wurst installation):

  1. Enter wrust option screen and click "Xray blocks"
  2. copy "polished_blackstone_pressure_plate" and paste block adding text box
  3. It is input only up to "polished_blackstone_pressure_pla"
@TheWienerMaster commented on June 9th 2021 Contributor

A budget workaround is to manually add blocks to .minecraft/wurst/settings.json, find whatever module you want to add it to, albeit xray, basefinder, autodrop or something similar

@TheWienerMaster commented on June 9th 2021 Contributor

Right now the letter(including spaces) max count in wurst edit screens is 32, meanwhile the longest block would be 34 characters. 1.17 changes the max length to 41 with: waxed_lightly_weathered_cut_copper_stairs

This Issue was closed on June 17th 2021