@ObsidianOS7 opened this Issue on June 8th 2021

Before posting, please make sure that this hasn't already been reported by someone else.


What's wrong?

Steps To Reproduce

Please make a list of steps to reproduce the problem (ideally from a fresh Wurst installation):

  1. Run Wurst with 1.17.0 fabric

Screenshots / Videos (Optional)

If applicable, add screenshots, videos or other files to help explain the problem.

Crash Report

Please find your crash report file at "%appdata%/.minecraft/crash-reports", open the file in a text editor and copy-paste its content below.

(crash report goes here)

Please note: If the game did not crash, please hold down F3+C for 10 seconds to generate a crash report. Even when a bug doesn't cause the game to crash, this file still contains useful information that can help us to find and fix the problem. Because of this, please always include a crash report.

@Alexander01998 commented on June 8th 2021 Member

This is too vague to be useful as a bug report. Please add the necessary details, like exact versions and a crash report.

Also make sure you actually followed the installation tutorial. Most issues of this kind are caused by improper installation. https://www.wurstclient.net/tutorials/how-to-install/

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