@TheWienerMaster opened this Pull Request on June 7th 2021 Contributor

Fixes #389
I wanted to walk while my inventory screen was open, so I decided to learn how to code and created this.
Hopefully everything looks fine, seems to work fine at least.

I disabled movement in all of the instances that I could find that required typing. I've also added an option to only allow movement while in player inventory (some people might dislike movement in other screens or maybe just try to pretend to be a legit player idk)

@CLAassistant commented on June 7th 2021

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@Lamby777 commented on June 7th 2021

I legit thought this was already one of the mods, but I checked and it's missing! Probably a Wurst 6 feature.

@TheWienerMaster commented on June 9th 2021 Contributor

Sorry, I'm new to github :D
Closing this one and making a new one that doesn't look this scuffed, sorry for the inconvenience

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