@SiongSng opened this Issue on May 20th 2021


Will Wurst support localization?
I would like to translate Wurst through the lang file so that other users can translate Wurst into their language as well.

@Alexander01998 commented on May 20th 2021 Member

Yes. I want to add localization support and I have started working on it. Check out the i18n branch if you would like to submit some translations.

Currently only descriptions of hacks can be translated. I want to add translation support for other descriptions in the future.

However, the names of hacks/commands/etc will not get translation support. This ensures that everyone can use the same commands, keybinds, etc. regardless of their language setting. It also makes it easier to communicate with someone who uses Wurst in a different language.

If you encounter any descriptions that mention a specific feature by name, please keep the name in English.

@SiongSng commented on May 21st 2021

I got it, thank you.

@SiongSng commented on July 16th 2021

Sorry for the interruption, is there an estimated time of arrival (ETA) from the i18n branch to the master branch?

@Alexander01998 commented on July 16th 2021 Member

I plan to merge the i18n branch into master once it's ready to be included in a Wurst update.
With the current amount of translations I think it's still too early to release this feature.

@SiongSng commented on July 17th 2021

Ok thanks for your reply