@oommaster opened this Issue on May 19th 2021


It would be cool to have a time that tells you when something was said. Things like server events that were announced in chat would show you when it started if you didn't see it first.

On a server that I play a special mob spawns every 6 minutes and is announced in chat. something like chat time stamps would be nice to time the next spawn and not have to look at a clock.


There are other mods that do this but most I found don't work with wurst or are forge mods. It would be more convenient to just have it on there.

A mod called AdvancedChat

@oommaster commented on May 19th 2021

AdvancedChat is a fabric mod but it doesn't let you type or see chat when wurst is with it

@AndrewBruhMoment commented on May 20th 2021

It should be possible by taking a large quantity of inspiration from AdvancedChat and making it compatible with the way wurst handles chat.