@Hyp3r10 opened this Issue on May 13th 2021

At this point I have thousands of ideas for Wurst.

[AutoTouch] - allows you to mine any block like you have silk touch.

you don't need A tool with silk touch, You can mine a block with any tool including your hands! for example if you mine glow stone with your hand it drops as glow stone dust. In this case when you mine it with your hands it will drop as a glow stone block.

This is so you can mine an enderchest or any kind of silk touchable block without the enchantment on your tool!

you cannot mine spawners with this hack. Like vanilla Minecraft it will just break.


[Smelt] - allows you to mine any ore and it will automatically smelt the ore and turn it into it's smelted form.

You can mine iron and it will drop raw ore if you are playing in the snapshots if not it will drop iron ore blocks. With this hack It will smelt that are and turn it into it's ingot form. This is also intended to work on all blocks that can be smelted in game.

iron ore --- iron ingots
gold ore -- gold ingots
ancient debree -- Netherite scraps
cobblestone -- stone
stone -- smooth stone

the negative affect of [Smelt] is you cannot mine ice or leaves until you turn off the hack.

I think this would be an interesting hack to see implemented since mojang doesn't really listen to ideas much
(from what I've seen.)

if this isn't possible to code then this will just be a random idea floating around.

@AndrewBruhMoment commented on May 13th 2021

If only this was possible

but how?

@Hyp3r10 commented on May 13th 2021

If only this was possible

but how?

Don't know

https://github.com/UltrusBot/AutosmeltEnchant <------ This guy works on the mob origins mod> he also made a smelting touch enchantment for 1.17+ you could take a look at it if you want to.

https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/auto-smelt-enchantment/files/3275189 try taking aT look at this.

@faseri commented on May 14th 2021

It's not possible because hacks are clientside-only but mods must be installed on the server as well. In other words you can't replace server's logic on your client because client has no control of drops and other shit.

@carlop3333 commented on May 14th 2021

@Hyp3r10 there is a hack called automine that when you have silk touch (or whatever enchantment) it automatically undermines it, if you want it without enchantments you cannot do anything since it is client-only
For smelting, its impossible doing that

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