@Th3L1nk opened this Issue on May 10th 2021

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whenever its on it will place slabs on top of spawnable blocks within whatever radius you can. it would be very useful on many server for big farms requiring a lot of spawn proofing. If left on it should continue to place slabs everywhere as you move.

@davthenub commented on May 12th 2021

this might be better suited for something like baritone because of the sheer amount of programming that would go into it for pathfinding, determining what blocks can be spawned on, figuring out what blocks can be used to spawnproof, etc

@Th3L1nk commented on May 12th 2021

not really, all it would require is like a modified version of crystal aura, where it would just place slabs on the surface of every block in block range.

@AndrewBruhMoment commented on May 12th 2021

It would be cool to have a way to automatically walk while placing them though, something like excavate.

@Th3L1nk commented on May 12th 2021

yeah thats what I was suggesting

@Sylvezar commented on September 29th 2021

If we combine this with the mobspawnesp it could work?
maybe we could remove the light level requirements and then it just starts placing slabs/buttons/carpet/whatever on the spots it finds in the earlier process of the mobspawnesp (it finds blocks that let mobs spawn, then checks their lighting conditions. add a selection menu like the multi id nuker block selection to choose what blocks to use for the spawn proofing. alternatively we could make it highlight where mobs can spawn. that would help too