@ThisTestUser opened this Pull Request on July 3rd 2020 Contributor

This feature allows Wurst to bypass servers that kick Fabric users. Since Fabric doesn't tell the server what mods it is using, some servers may opt to prevent Fabric clients from connecting.

Note: The mixin must be done from ClientConnection.class, otherwise not all the packets will be captured.

@Alexander01998 commented on July 4th 2020 Member

Can you give some examples of servers that do this?

@ThisTestUser commented on July 4th 2020 Contributor

Most server owners won't block fabric, but they will install a plugin that alerts them when fabric users connect.
Here's a plugin I found that blocks fabric: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lib-hates-mods.78202/

@Alexander01998 commented on November 12th 2020 Member

This has been merged into the v7.7-mc1.16.3 branch and will be in master when v7.7 is released.

@Alexander01998 commented on November 12th 2020 Member

I have created a wiki page for VanillaSpoof at https://wiki.wurstclient.net/vanillaspoof.
If you know any other plugins that this works with, please add them there.